The Beginning of Something...Different | Personal

What begins now has been a long time in the making. Amanda and I have been talking and dreaming about this for what seems like forever now and it is incredibly exciting that we're actually beginning this journey. So many evenings were spent brainstorming and going through everything over and over again because...we wanted to get it right. We want our business to provide more than images that document a wedding day, but instead we want to envelop our clients in an unforgettable experience. The idea to rename our business as "The Jacksons", just seemed like a natural progression. What started out as me experimenting with photography has turned into us being completely in love with capturing the intimate details of one of the biggest days in a couple's life. For whatever reason, we have always been known as "The Jacksons", even before we were engaged our close friends referred to us by that name and it just stuck. Reassessing our business around the idea of creating an experience for our clients, we wanted our business name to reflect the relationship we want to have with our clients, as close friends. We are oh so excited about the changes that will be happening in the coming year and we cannot wait to share our journey with you! Please feel free to check out our new website and blog.

Farewell Jackson Artwork,



Krista + Mark | Married!

This is a much belated blog post, but we had a goal this year to blog every wedding we shot and by golly we're going to do it! Plus, this was a super cute and unique DIY wedding, so how could we not blog it? As you may remember from their engagement session, Krista and Mark know how to work a camera and just have fun, which makes it that much more fun to be photographing them! Their wedding was super laid back, starting with the fabulous breakfast at hair stylist Amanda Stephens' house (whose husband's name is also Jeremy...crazy!), and filled with awesome little details designed by Krista herself. But all of this would never have come to be if Krista hadn't happened to be working with the girlfriend of one of Mark's friends, who decided that she was going to try to set the two of them up. She gave Mark's phone number to Krista, who hung on to it for a little over a week before finally contacting him. She sent him a simple text which read "I hear you're Mark, well I'm Krista", and that was the beginning of a conversation that lasted pretty much the whole day. It went from texting, to a phone call when Krista got off of work and was on her way to a party. After the party she called him back, and although he was at the bar with some of his friends, he didn't offer to give here a call later, but instead talked to her until his phone died, at which point he borrowed a friend's phone. By the end of the phone call, Mark had asked if they could keep talking the next day over dinner. She wasn't wanting to go on a "date" just yet, but when he promised that it didn't have to be a date, that they could just keep it simple and go to McDonalds, she agreed. When he picked her up the next day though, it wasn't McDonalds that he took her too, but instead it was a nice Chinese restaurant. Haha, tricky! She was ok with it though, and they hung out and talked late into the night. And now, two and a half years after they started dating, they were saying their vows...all because of some texts, a phone conversation, and some surprise Chinese food!

Krista and Mark, we had a ball working (and laughing) with you guys and we thank you so much for making us feel welcome! Have a Merry Christmas!

Thank you to everyone who made this day a blast!

Venue: Brush Lake Lodge
Dress: She Fashions
Hair: Amanda Stephens of Eclipse By Design
DJ: Nick Camquin
Caterer: Amy Forrest of In Good Taste Catering
Florals: Krista!