The Beginning of Something...Different | Personal

What begins now has been a long time in the making. Amanda and I have been talking and dreaming about this for what seems like forever now and it is incredibly exciting that we're actually beginning this journey. So many evenings were spent brainstorming and going through everything over and over again because...we wanted to get it right. We want our business to provide more than images that document a wedding day, but instead we want to envelop our clients in an unforgettable experience. The idea to rename our business as "The Jacksons", just seemed like a natural progression. What started out as me experimenting with photography has turned into us being completely in love with capturing the intimate details of one of the biggest days in a couple's life. For whatever reason, we have always been known as "The Jacksons", even before we were engaged our close friends referred to us by that name and it just stuck. Reassessing our business around the idea of creating an experience for our clients, we wanted our business name to reflect the relationship we want to have with our clients, as close friends. We are oh so excited about the changes that will be happening in the coming year and we cannot wait to share our journey with you! Please feel free to check out our new website and blog.

Farewell Jackson Artwork,