Laura + Roger | Engaged!

Happy Monday Everyone! We thought we would start the week off right, with Laura and Roger's fun and absolutely gorgeous engagement session! We had so much fun with these guys at Slate Run and we're so excited to post their photos. Laura and I have been friends for almost as long as I can remember and for what seems like most of that, she and Roger have been together. So it was no surprise when she told me that he had proposed and they are now engaged, but it is super exciting! On a quick side-note, as you may have picked up on from some of our recent tweets, Jeremy and I have been going through some boxes of "stuff" and cleaning out our office in preparation for a bit of an office makeover. Well, as I was going through old birthday cards and such (yes, I used to keep everything haha), I found a bunch of really sweet and funny cards from Laura! It made me even more excited to post these pictures, because she is such an amazing person and I couldn't wait to introduce you all to without further adieu, here is the beautiful Laura and her sweet fiancĂ© Roger!


August, Winter, and Books | Personal

It's a cloudy and cool August Sunday morning. To some that may sound like paradise after weeks of scorching heat, but to me it signifies something a little different. When I think of August, memories of going back to school flood my mind, which reminds me that Autumn is coming and I have to say, Autumn is not my favorite season. Not my favorite season at all. In my mind, Autumn is pretty much synonymous with the beginning of Winter, and I don't like Winter. I wish the seasons could just continually cycle through Spring and Summer. I could handle that…sunshine and green all year round, that would be my paradise. I know, I know, I have a problem, but for whatever reason Winter brings out a depressed side of me. I tend to become unmotivated and unproductive, which is frustrating for me because I am one of those people that always has to be working on something. I hate feeling unproductive.

So this Winter we're already planning to mix things up, to try to beat the cold, dark doldrums of Winter. I've got a list of books that I'm in the process of rounding up and I plan to read through all of them throughout the Autumn and Winter months, lounging on the couch with a nice hot cup of cocoa in my hand. (maybe even with a dvd of a fireplace crackling on the TV in the background) Also, we're thinking about planning a little getaway in February or March to a place a little bit warmer than Ohio to remind us that the Winter won't last forever. So as much as I dislike the darkness of Winter, there are a few things that I will be looking forward to this time around.

If you have any suggestions of things that you like to  do to keep yourself from getting the winter blues we'd love to read them! (Even if it is a little early to be thinking about that...I like to be proactive haha) And I'll leave you all with a picture of the first two books that I have procured from my list...have a great beginning to the week!


Kristin + Stephen | Married!

Happy August...can hardly believe it's already here!

This wedding was so fun to shoot and we have been so excited to post it to the blog! Kristin and Stephen are such an amazing couple and their personalities mesh in an incredible way. They met during their first semester at Miami University. Living in the same dorm, they began to hang out because all of their friends were friends, but they quickly realized that they got along better together than with anyone else. The semester flew by as Kristen and Stephen played way too much Guitar Hero and Halo, watched an insane amount of movies, and squeezed in a couple days of studying. By the end of the semester they were the absolute definition of best friends. Over the following winter break, Stephen visited Kristin a couple times to "catch up on Lost", and at the end of January they went on their first date. They had a great time, but Stephen tells me that afterwards, he was so nervous/excited that he didn't follow up right away. There was more hanging out that followed, but it wasn't until they were in Rome together on a mission trip over spring break that Stephen decided he had to make their relationship official and ask her to be his girlfriend. They have been together ever since, discovering together what God has for them while following their love for travel and spending quality time together.

Kristin and Stephen, we had an amazing time spending the day with you guys and we loved every detail of your wedding day. Thank you for being such a wonderful encouragement to us and having us be there to capture all of the happiness and love that surrounded you on this day.

If you would like to be notified when the rest of Kristin and Stephen's images are available, click HERE!

There were some very cool little details that were handmade by Kristin herself, including this very cute hanger :)

These guys were so awesome! It was also great to see Josh (groomsman on far right) again...we shot his wedding last year!

One of the groomsmen was a gymnast, which made for some pre-ceremony fun!

A sweet and emotional first look between Kristin and her father before the ceremony.

A quiet moment before the ceremony.

I loved the vintage table they used for the unity candles so much I just had to add in another picture of it.

I adore this next picture! Definitely one of my favorites from the day.

Candy bars are so fun, gotta love 'em!

Ceremony: High Street Church of the Nazarene
Reception: Springfield Masonic Temple
Dress: Maggie Sottero
Hair: Barbie's Hair Studio
Makeup: Monica Mitchell
DJ: Hayden from Good Vibrations
Caterer: Caterers Three
Florist: JD Arajou
Cake: Dottie's Creative Cakes