Laura + Roger | Engaged!

Happy Monday Everyone! We thought we would start the week off right, with Laura and Roger's fun and absolutely gorgeous engagement session! We had so much fun with these guys at Slate Run and we're so excited to post their photos. Laura and I have been friends for almost as long as I can remember and for what seems like most of that, she and Roger have been together. So it was no surprise when she told me that he had proposed and they are now engaged, but it is super exciting! On a quick side-note, as you may have picked up on from some of our recent tweets, Jeremy and I have been going through some boxes of "stuff" and cleaning out our office in preparation for a bit of an office makeover. Well, as I was going through old birthday cards and such (yes, I used to keep everything haha), I found a bunch of really sweet and funny cards from Laura! It made me even more excited to post these pictures, because she is such an amazing person and I couldn't wait to introduce you all to without further adieu, here is the beautiful Laura and her sweet fiancĂ© Roger!

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