Marybeth + Bobby | Married!

Happy Monday everyone! I am finally going to get caught up on blogging, and first up is Marybeth and Bobby's super sweet wedding! I have been good friends with Marybeth almost as long as I can remember and it was an honor to be able to document their day. It's so exciting to see the way that Marybeth and Bobby's relationship has grown into something so beautiful. After hearing about Marybeth from a friend, Bobby sent her a message via Facebook which read "I hear you are awesome, is this true?", to which she replied "Absolutely, and humble as well." Although cautious at first, after a summer of ups and downs and plenty of flirting, they both realized that what they had together was more than a summer fling or a passing friendship. During their frequent walks through downtown Canal Winchester and Lithopolis, they shared their life dreams with each other, talked about what God was doing in their lives, and gradually, ever so subtly, fell in love. So it was no surprise that when it came time to ask her the question that would signal a new beginning for them both, Bobby chose to do it at a spot that was very familiar to them. A spot where they had sat and talked countless times. And it was in that gazebo, after a late birthday dinner for Marybeth, that she said "I will."

At age 12, Marybeth began writing in this journal to one day give it to her groom on their wedding sweet.

Bobby also wrote a sweet note to his bride ;)