Emily and Josh | Married!

As Jeremy mentioned in Josh and Emily's engagement post last September, I have known Emily since she was a cute and bubbly first grader. I always wanted to be just like her, and we were the best of friends! :) My mom babysat Emily and Ryan (her brother) so it almost felt like we were sisters. My heart broke when she moved away in 6th grade and we kind of lost contact. We saw each other every once in a while but not like we used to.

Fast forwarding a few years to high school, I met Josh Brown in marching band. I know, I know...I was a nerdy band geek haha. Anyway, Josh was a super nice, Christian guy and I knew there would be someone extra special for him, but I never would have guessed who it was.

Emily moved back to our little town of Ashville for our senior year of high school, which absolutely floored me. I was very excited to see my old pal come back into my life! Over the course of that last year of high school, Josh and Emily became very close and the rest is history. ;)

I feel so blessed to have witnessed the beautiful love that Josh and Emily have for one another and the excitement of their wedding day. What a divine romance! Congratulations you two!

If you want to sign up to see their online gallery once it's available, click HERE!



  1. beautiful pictures!! gorgeous

  2. These pretty much made me cry... such great pictures! :)