The Honeymoon + Brown Wedding Teaser!

I've been wanting to do this for a couple weeks now but just hadn't gotten the chance until today. A little over a month ago Amanda and I got married! Which is partly responsible for the lack of posts over the last few months, but we're hoping to make this the start to a more regular habit of blogging! Anyway, we went to Seagrove Beach, Florida for our honeymoon and I just wanted to share some pictures we took while we were down there. We were a little apprehensive about what the beaches would be like, but we were pleasantly surprised. The beaches were still absolutely beautiful, along with the blue-green water. It was amazing!

Here is the view from our condo, it was awesome being able to look out over the water while sipping some tea as the sun rose…

One of the days we decided we were just going to go drive down along the coast and stop somewhere and take pictures…so we ended up stopping at Rosemary Beach…I officially love this place.

As we were driving away we saw this incredible house and Amanda took a quick shot through the window…

Man, I think the morning is my favorite time at the beach…with the sun just coming up, nothing but the sound of the lapping waves…it's so peaceful.

And just as a little teaser…here are two of our favorites from Josh and Emily's wedding which we will be posting very very soon!

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