A serving of fun with a December Discount on the side...

It seems like Amanda and I are busy busy all the time (I'm sure you all can relate), so it's really nice to find time to just have a little fun. And that's exactly what we did on a recent chilly evening. We started out in front of "the horseshoe", joking around and making faces at the camera until we thought our fingers were going to fall off, at which point we decided to check out the newly renovated Thompson Library at Ohio State. It really is a beautiful building and there is an awesome view of the campus from the Reading Room on the top floor! Neither of us had been in there before, so we had a blast exploring the many different levels. After checking it out, we would really love to shoot some fun pictures there, so if anyone out there wants to do some portraits or engagement pictures at the Thompson Library, we are all for it! Definitely contact us and let us know!

P.S. at the bottom of this post is some information about a special offer you might be interested in ;-)

On the side...
We are offering a December Discount of 10% off when you book with us before January 1st, so now is the time act! If you have any questions feel free to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail!

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  1. I love what you guys capture! Its amazing to me that you can not only take awesome pics of other people but also yourselves! You got talent! :)
    The library is awesome!!
    -Melissa, from Canada