Troy and Stephanie | ¿Querés casarte conmígo?

A few weeks back my good friend Troy called and told me that he was planning on proposing and explained his plan to me. He and his fiancée Stephanie were planning on going shopping at Polaris Fashion Place and then they were going to meet a couple of their friends at Latitude 41 in downtown Columbus for dinner. Now the restaurant is located inside the Renaissance Hotel, and he had worked it out with the people at the hotel so that when they were just about done with their meal, one of the staff would come over to the table and say something along the lines of "excuse me, I need you two to come with me," at which point they would be escorted up to the rooftop pool terrace. Troy had made a sign which asked "Will you marry me?" in Spanish that would hang from a light post with rose petals leading to it. I know, pretty romantic, huh? On top of that he was going to have his laptop sitting on a stool behind the light post playing Winter Air by Annasay, which she told him makes her think of him every time she hears it. The only thing was, he needed someone to set everything up while they were down in the restaurant, so he asked if Amanda and I would be able to set up and then take some pictures of him popping the question; we were thrilled with the idea! Although there was a close call and Stephanie almost found out too early, the night turned out beautifully, and most importantly of all…she said yes! Congratulations guys, it was such an honor to be there for this special night!

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