Krista + Mark | Engaged!

During my senior year at Columbus College of Art & Design I had a lot of gaps in my schedule, so I ended up staying at the school for most of the day. During the chunk of time before my advertising & graphic design class, I always sat in a specific area. It was probably the most comfortable place in the whole school because there were actually couches to sit on. (our school is made up almost completely out of concrete and metal, haha) Krista was in the same ad class as me and we met while we were both sitting on the couches waiting for class to start. It was a lot of fun to chat and get to know each other a bit while working on projects. When I told Krista that we are wedding photographers her face lit up because she was anticipating Mark's proposal very soon. After having met him at their engagement session, I can definitely see where all of her excitement was coming from! He is very sweet and funny, and it was awesome to see a groom who is so excited about the wedding plans and even pictures. They make a drop dead gorgeous couple and acted like pro's modeling for the camera. :)

With Krista being a designer, I know that their wedding will be absolutely stunning and I can't wait to photograph it! Congratulations you guys, we are so excited for your wedding in September!

Krista designed/painted these letters for their bedroom and decided to bring them along for the shoot. I love when people include little details like this in their engagement session!

Jeremy couldn't help but stop to take some pictures of the beautiful landscape here at the Franklin Park Conservatory haha.

How dreamy :)

Getting a little steamy in here ;)

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  1. Love the pics, and I can't wait to see the whole collection!