Stephen and Kristin | Engaged!

Amanda and I love to see new places, so when Stephen and Kristin explained to us how special Miami University was to them and that they would like their engagement pictures taken there, we were ready to go. I had heard that the campus was beautiful, but man…with the fall leaves and the evening sun streaming through the trees, it was breathtaking.

We started out at Upham Hall, which is where Stephen and Kristin spend most of there time while in school, and it is also the location of the famous Miami Merger Arch. Tradition says, if you go there at midnight and kiss under the arch, you will get married. Well, Stephen and Kristin admitted that they had never made it there at midnight, but they did kiss under it at about ten o-clock one night…I think that's close enough haha.

The light was great, and the fact that Stephen and Kristin couldn't stop smiling and laughing made it so easy to shoot. The smiling was contagious too…I know my face was hurting by the end because of constant smiling! Once the sun started to go, we ended up just walking around on a mini tour of the campus, complete with stories of a haunted hall, where it is said shackles and straight jackets have been found in the attic and basement from when the building was used as an insane asylum. Hmmm…fun stuff haha.

Thank you guys so much for the tour and for hanging out with us afterward! We can't wait to celebrate your wedding next June!

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I asked them to go to that moment right before you kiss and this is what I caught…wow!

This was their reaction to me asking them for a "serious" look…so funny.

The famous Miami Merger Arch!


  1. You can see so much love between these two in your photos. Beautiful engagement session!

  2. These are so amazing.