Troy and Stephanie | Vineyard Session Sneak Peek!

Whenever we get together with our friends Troy and Stephanie, we always have a blast. Whether we're running around downtown Columbus, using a flashlight and long camera exposure to "magically" write words and draw pictures in the air at night, or just hanging out and talking about life, our time spent together always flies by way too fast. And the same was true on a recent Friday afternoon when we met up with Troy and Stephanie at Stephanie's loft in Cedarville and then ventured to the beautiful Valley Vineyards about a half hour away. It took us a few tries and about a half an hour extra to find the vineyard (yeah…we're definitely no Rand McNally haha), and the rain threatened at times, but we still had an amazing time and got some great pictures! We will be posting the rest of their session very soon, but until then, here's a little teaser ;)

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