Troy and Stephanie | Vineyard Engagement Session!

For awhile now it has been a dream of ours to shoot in a vineyard. There's just something that seems peaceful and relaxing about walking through the rows and rows of grape vines. It's so beautiful. And that's exactly what we got to do with Troy and Stephanie. It took us a little while to get to the vineyard because we kept missing where it was that we were supposed to turn off, but Troy and Stephanie were troopers and just went with the flow. We eventually found it…down a narrow, tree covered road, which turned into a gravel road and then proceeded to wind around a bit before we came to the vine covered fields. It was kind of cloudy and started to sprinkle a couple times, but that didn't scare us off…it just meant we got to use an umbrella in a few shots! Haha. We had a blast out there and it really was peaceful like I had imagined...there were a couple times while we were shooting that I just looked out over the vineyard and was perfect. Troy and Stephanie make it so easy to shoot, it is obvious that they are madly in love and so excited to be married! As the sun was falling below the horizon we headed back to the Valley Vineyards winery where we got to check out the wine cellar and take a few shots before we headed out.

Here are some of our favorites from an awesome day in a beautiful vineyard. If you would like to be notified when the rest of their images are available, click HERE!

Troy and Stephanie, December is coming up fast and we are so excited for you guys!

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