Jess and Alex | Married!

We just couldn't help but have fun with Jess and Alex on their wedding day, from start to finish they had a joy about them that was absolutely contagious and the smiles were constant. Their friends and family in the wedding party were some of the most fun people in the world! Yeah, I said it. in. the. world. They all had us laughing the whole day.

Jess and Alex are two really awesome, fun people and we were so blessed to be able to spend the day documenting the excitement and love that they expressed to each other on their wedding day. Thank you guys so much for letting us be a part of your day and if you are ever in Columbus shoot us an email, we'd love to catch up!

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While the girls were getting their hair done, I took the guys to Circleville for some pictures. We found a super cool alley and the guys strut their stuff...oh yeah! Haha.

Shortly before the ceremony it started to rain, but when we looked out after the ceremony and family formals, the rain had stopped and the sun was peaking through!

Looking fabulous!

Man, these next few pictures are some of my favorite images ever! You guys look stunning!

Absolutely love these next two shots!

Jess and Alex's wedding cake was beautiful, and then check out this Angry Birds groom's cake! How awesome is that?!

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