Sarah and Jeremiah | Engaged!

When we first met with Sarah and her mom Lucy, we immediately felt like it was a great fit. We had so much fun talking with them about everything from the wedding plans to family and life. So after having such a blast with them, we were really excited to meet Jeremiah and spend some time with both of them shooting their engagement session at Lucy's parents' condo and across the street at North Bank Park. The view from the condo balcony was breathtaking and we couldn't pass up on that!

Love the expression on Jeremiah's face here!

This next shot is definitely one of my favorites!

So sweet!

Not only is this next picture super cute...but if you look, she has a tattoo on her wrist of the coordinates of the house that her family goes to up on Lake Erie, which I thought was awesome!

You guys are so cute together!

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