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Yesterday, I drove through the neighborhood where I used to go to church, where my friends had lived and where I had so many good memories. I was just kind of reflecting on the past 5-10 years. As I passed by the familiar houses and yards I thought about how many things have changed, but at the same time, looking around I noticed how many things don't change (appear to be the same). It's incredible to think, and I am so thankful for where God has taken me and how He brought Amanda and I together and has now allowed us to share this incredible passion for photography and capturing life. I love what we do and I love that we get to do it together!

I started thinking about these things for a couple of reasons, but the main one is that one of my little brothers, Joel, is graduating from high school this Saturday. I remember when he was born and we got to go see him at the hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was in a little "incubator" thing...I don't remember why it was that he was in it, I just remember that I always thought he was kind of extra special because he got to do that haha. He's all grown up now and it's weird. It's cool to think about how Joel's personality has developed and grown over the years, from a crazy little blonde-headed kid to a good-looking, contemplative young man with a knack for creative writing. I wonder what is in store for the rest of his life. I hope he finds something that he is absolutely passionate about and pursues it and never gives up. I hope that he remembers to be joyful in everything because he has a hope that transcends this life. And hopefully one day he will meet a nice young lady who will join him in his journey and make him a better man, as I know Amanda has done for me haha.

Anyway...Joel, congratulations on finishing high school and I look forward to seeing what is ahead for you!

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